Who We Are

SEB ESTATES LTD is a fully Kenyan Owned Real Estate organization duly registered under the Companies Act Cap 486 in 2004.

The Managing Director of the company is registered Estate Agent since 2001 by The Estate Agents Registration Board under The Estate Agents Act Cap 533.

SEB ESTATES LTD specializes on the following areas of Real Estate operations.

  1. Property Management and Rent Management.
  2. Property Sales and Marketing Management.
  3. Property Mortgage finance consultancy.
  4. Property development consultancy.
  5. Consultancy on management of common property.

The Organization has responsibility of Comprehensive property management on some of the largest Estates in Nairobi ,Housing various professionals and senior members of society.

The organization has successfully created a solid reputation as lead sales and marketing Agent in some of the large scale housing development projects in Nairobi.

The strength and dignity of SEB ETATES LTD is anchored on the following:

  1. The Managing Director as team leader participates in daily running of the Organization and has a wide experience, knowledge and professional skills in matters of real estate.
  2. The Organization strictly abides by the Law and is guided by the professional ethics already established as a benchmark  in other  professional organizations.
  3. The Organization has appropriate resources and proven methods and procedures of real estate operations.
  4. The Organization has engaged qualified staff who have professional training and experience in various competencies, staff  that are of good repute and standing in the general society.

SEB ESTATES LTD has created a precedent of Honesty, efficiency and integrity in pursuit of it's mission.

The Mission of SEB ESTATES LTD is to ensure convenient,secure,clean and decent estate environment that befits the professionals and senior members of society who are resident customers while ensuring proper capital yield and return on investments through fluent administration of leases and occupation contracts.

On the matters of rent collection on rent payment,we have the three option avaible to remit your rent.

We do not accept cash in our offices.

Pay throught Paybill-mpesa to Paybill number 937100.

Pay through KCB bank Account.

Pay thorugh Equity Bank.

 Kindly note that inorder to enhance the secuirty of clients money and to ensure efficiency and accountabilty or the rent we have the above three options only.A receipt is issued after evidence of transaction is presented to the office for verification and  onward remmission to the property owner.